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Mobile Games, Cheaper Options.

With the advent of powerful smartphones came the increase in options for entertainment through our mobile device, but how do we cheaper. Some people choose to watch free YouTube videos while sitting in class or binge watch a little Netflix while waiting in line at the post office (yes we still have to snail mail things from time to time). However, the largest time is spent playing games of varying kinds. Some of the more commonly played games are low cost, “nearly free” word games such as Words with Friends or Ruzzle, but increasingly common are pay-per-play games where the cost is more in line with the costs of regular console games. These games include Game of War, Mobile Strike, and Clash of Clans.

Of course, everyone has their poison of choice, so how do we play these game and reduce the cost to ourselves? Two ways often used are:

  1. Buying a previously built account
  2. Using Amazon Coins for games that are available through the Amazon Underground App.

Buying an account. 

Buying an account can be an extremely cheap way to get into a game. A lot of underlying expense already paid by the original account owner. Of course, you have to buy the account, but it will usually be for a fraction of the cost paid (often less than 10-20% of actual money spent). There are a number of account buy/sell sites and sometimes private traders can be found.

Buyer Beware!

Beware of account buying, there are obvious scam angles that are such as paying money and account info is never forwarded or changed after the fact. Additionally, some software companies have specific language in the Terms of Service that state that accounts cannot be bought, sold or transferred. If you buy an account and they become aware of it, there is a good chance you will lose the account even if you paid for it legitimately from the original owner. Overall, we would grade this method as a “C+”. Why? The costs can be dramatically reduced, but the significant risk of scam or developer difficulties offsets that major benefit.

Amazon Underground (Amazon Coins)

There is another way to build an account cheaper without any of the inherent risks of purchasing a pre-made account. For this it is possible to use Amazon Coins to save up to 25% of our cost. Basically, in order to use Amazon coins you must have an Amazon account, install the Amazon Underground App (yes, it sounds really shady, but is actually from Amazon), from there you select your game of choice and install the Amazon version. At this point you will need to load your Amazon account with Amazon Coins so you can use them for in app purchases. These coins come in different denominations ranging from 500 coins to 50,000 coins depending on how much you want to spend in your game. As you would expect, the more you spend, the more your save, typically ranging from 3% to 25% – but these savings do vary as Amazon adjusts prices.

Earn Greater Discounts.

Additionally, it is possible to earn coins back when you make purchases in game. Typically these earning range from 5-15%, which can clearly reduce your gaming costs even further. Ultimately, this method can easily save 20-30% off the cost of you gaming and bring no risk to your investment or account as you are dealing with a very reliable online retailer. We would grade Amazon Coins method with a “B+” since the savings are respectable, even when compared with buying an old account, but there is zero risk to your money and account.

Remember, no matter how cheap you play the game, don’t get caught by your boss (yes, including the one at home)!

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